MAKING A DIFFERENCE WITH a visual presentation OF unique handbags

The short video below features the story of a very hardworking lady from Port Moresby, Ms. Lucy Roberts.  She works as a cleaning lady in one the residential unit blocks located at 8-Mile. However, during her breaks or spare time, she always has a bundle of yarn/wool tucked away. With her nimble fingers, she  expertly twists and turns until a lovely product takes shape. Lucy learned this traditional yet complex craft when she was a child.  Hence, this video will tell us more about Lucy’s affinity towards bilum-making and how such craft helps her and her family.  Buying a bilum would make a difference in Lucy’s life as well as other bilum mamas who tirelessly weave everyday to earn sustainable income for their families.


The following photos showcases the intricate process involved in making locally-weaved Bilum Bags.  These ladies, fondly referred to as “bilum mamas“, painstakingly loosen each yarn or dried up twigs and meticulously re-twist them by hand for strength and sturdiness.  After which, the elaborate weaving begins.  It usually takes an entire day or two to finish a single bilum.  Hence, these bilums are sold in local markets to help augment for their daily needs.