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Papua New Guinea’s local contemporary street paintings echoes and reflects their innate love and respect for nature in general.

Hence, most of their art forms are still based on spiritual beliefs and its natural surroundings. These vary from one tribe or clan to the other.

For instance, the painting above is one of the country’s emblems, the “Birds of Paradise.

The artist truly honors this magnificent creature through deft brush strokes and vividly radiant color combinations.

Acrylic paint is commonly used for these paintings since it’s readily available across PNG. Likewise, it is the cheapest one any street painter could easily get.

Further, these paintings are usually sold on the streets of Port Moresby.  Earnings from any sale usually assists to augment for the artists’ daily needs and sustenance.

Most of their skills and artistic inclinations come from generations of painters and artists in the family. However, these local street artists and painters seldom receive the recognition and praise they deserve.

Our company offers a variety of street paintings that are all original works of art from these talented and gifted local artists.

This is thus your opportunity to discover and understand more about Papua New Guinea’s diverse culture and heritage.  And in more ways than one, contribute in making these artists get better widespread recognition.